Quantified self iPhone app for tracking your daily mood.

When Jonathan Cohen approached me with his idea for Expereal, he cited the book Thinking Fast and Slow and Jazz album covers. He envisioned a look that looked opposite of the standard skeuomorphic mechanical interface at the time. I was instantly in love with the idea and signed on as the design director along with my team of designers.

A Simple Swipe and It's Done

Simply open the app and swipe your thumb as if turning a dial. The ink blot grows and changes color to reflect the intensity rating of your experience. You then have the option of attaching a photo, location data, or keywords for the moment. A detailed write-up about The Making of Expereal was posted by the client.

skewed iphone containing a shot of the expereal inkblot design

Data Visualization

The app presents your data in a series of beautiful visualizations.

series of images demonstrating the inkblot ratings wheel from rating 1 to rating 10
mobile menu open
daily calendar visualization
daily calendar alt visualization
capture details screen

Print It Out

Visualizations can be printed out on the wall and displayed for all to see.

A print poster concept based on your data for the year.

Press Mentions

FWA Mobile App of the Day Award

The app received critical acclaim including a coveted FWA award.